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Marine 12-24 Volt Lights, Boating Equipment and Dock Parts is a premier retailer of 12 volt marine-grade lighting, dock parts and boat equipment. Shop a wide range of 12 volt - 24 volt Halogen or LED boat lights, replacement bulbs, rope lights, marine appliances, dock ladders, world-class anchors and anything else you need for boating.


FriLight provides an affordable pricepoint for attractive, quality light fixtures that will suit ANY environment and setting.

Battlewagon Buckets

Battlewagon Buckets provide the most solid performance of any PVC bucket designed for marine use. These buckets are strong!

Grills of all Stripes!

At, we know not everyone wants to use a charcoal grill. Our selection of grills can fit any possible use.

Kenyon Electric Cooktops

Kenyon's line of electric cooktops can be used to suit a need or create a focal point that will perform as beautifully as it looks.

Mantus Anchors

Mantus Anchors are performance-minded, spade-tipped anchors that can set, release, and dig at any moment you need them to.

SmartPlug Systems

SmartPlug shorepower units are redefining the way you power up at the dock by providing safe, low-heat connectivity.