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10 SMD Extended G4 Back Pin LED | 1.7 Watt 10-30 VDC LED
LG4S10WW and LG4S10CW 10 SMD LED Light

10 SMD Extended G4 Back Pin LED | 1.7 Watt 10-30 VDC LED

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10 SMD LED bulb with extended, 1 inch long pins.  G4 back-pin LED with warm white or cool white options.  Extended back pins provide extra length for installations where you need to have a longer pin length to accommodate the bulb.  This LED is able to function on an input of 10-30 volts DC.

Keep in mind that extended back pins are able to be trimmed to the exact size you need once you receive them!

Cool White LED: 1.7 Watts, 218 Lumens, 6000k +/- 10%
Warm White LED: 1.7 Watts, 197 Lumens, 3200k +/- 10%

This bulb is used in the following fixtures:


OD 1.18" (30mm)
Pin Spacing approx 0.16 (5/32"/4mm)
Long Pin Length approx 1" (25mm)
Thickness of PCB and components approx 0.43" (11mm)


12-24 volt dc (10v-30v)


Warm White or Cool White LED Bulb Colors Available

Additional Details:

G4 back pins.
Contains fuse and transient suppressor to protect from current overload and voltage spikes.

Additional Information:

Bee Green LED bulbs utilize constant-current topology. 

They are EMI free (no electromagnetic interference) and have an 80 CRI value to provide excellent light color. 

2 year warranty.

Products on this page: LG4B9WW-25,LG4B9CW-25

This product replaces the following bulbs: LG4B12WW-25, LG4B12CW-25

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This product ships from the following distributor: SalVinCo

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