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12 volt Bi-Color Switchable LED Bulb | 16 SMD | G4 side pins
12 volt 16 SMD LED Bulbs

12 volt Bi-Color Switchable LED Bulb | 16 SMD | G4 side pins

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16 smd, G4 Side Pin, and Bi-Color Switchable LED Bulb. Bulb has 6 Red or Blue LEDs with 10 Warm White LEDs on a disc.  Disc type replacement bulb for G4 side pin sockets.

For navigation purposes, this bulb will illuminate the BLUE or RED LEDs so it is not as bright.  By turning the switch OFF then ON within 3 seconds this changes the light back to the WARM WHITE LEDs.  To return to BLUE or RED LEDs simply switch the light OFF, wait 4 seconds and turn the light back ON.

This LED is able to function on an input of 10-30 volts DC.

Warm White / Blue LED: 1.8 Watts, 173 (WW) / 27 (Blue) Lumens, 3200k +/-10%
Warm White / Red LED: 1.8 Watts, 173 (WW) / 27 (Red) Lumens, 3200k +/-10%

This LED Bulb can be used as a direct replacement for the filament bulb in the following FriLight fixtures (and many other brands of fixtures):
FriLight Nova 8777
FriLight Nova 8778
FriLight Pinto 8675
FriLight Comet (recess mount) 8780
FriLight Comet (surface mount) 8710
FriLight Mars 8812
FriLight Star 8507
FriLight Saturn 8716

Good replacement for ICM-LEDG4S. 


OD 1.3"
Pin Spacing approx 0.16" (5/32")
Pin Length approx 0.37"
Overall thickness approx 0.33".


12-24 volt dc (10v-30v)


Warm White/Blue or Warm White/Red LED Bulb Colors Available

Additional Details:

G4 side pins.
Contains fuse and transient suppressor to protect from current overload and voltage spikes.

Additional Information:

Bee Green LED bulbs utilize constant-current topology. 

They are EMI free (no electromagnetic interference) and have an 80 CRI value to provide excellent light color. 

2 year warranty.

Products on this page: lg4s6bu10ww, lg4s6rd10ww

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This product ships from the following distributor: SalVinCo

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