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12, 24 and 120 Volt LED Rope Lights

LED Rope Lights & Accessories are an attractive option when lighting underneath cabinets and on the underside of other marine items. Rope lights are encased in a tube to protect the bright, colored LED lighting within. With so many mounting options, choose from 12 volt, 24 volt or 120 volt AC input options.

Our standard 12, 24 & 120 Volt LED Rope Lights are 3/8" diameter, and are a modern alternative to incandescent rope lighting. LED Rope Lights are very efficient and produce very little heat.  LED Rope lights do not have fragile filaments, making this already super-duty rope light even more durable.

Sailor Sams has the "Hook-Up" on Rope Lights and Rope Light Accessories. Our range of products provides you with safe and simple boat installation so you can hook up Rope Lights successfully.

For smooth installation of rope lighting we recommend you use the appropriate 12/24 Volt DC Power Cord Connector or 120 VAC Power Connector and an End Cap to terminate your run of rope lights.  We also suggest you check out how to Wire Directly to Rope Light using an Easy Splice Connector if you are planning on foregoing power cords!

Make sure to check out our FAQ section below the products.
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FAQs about Rope Lights

1.) Can these rope lights be used on household 120VAC systems?
  • Yes!  The 120 Volt rope light can operate on 120 volt systems only, making it perfect for household use.  The 12 & 24 volt DC options can only be used in the house if used with a Power Converter which converts 120VAC to 12/24 VDC.

2.) Are all of these rope lights dimmable?

3.) Can 12 & 24 DC Rope Lights be used with AC power sources?
4.) Am I able to cut my Rope Light?
  • 120VAC Rope Light can be cut every 36 inches for any color.
  • 12 Volt DC Rope Light: Warm White, Cool White, Blue and Green can be cut every 3 inches.  Red 12VDC Rope Light can be cut every 4 inches.
  • 24 Volt DC Rope Light: Warm White, Cool White, Blue and Green can be cut every 6 inches.  Red 24VDC Rope Light can be cut every 8 inches.