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2-Pack of Firm or Flex Harbor Style Dock Cushion
Heavy Duty Dock Cushions

2-Pack of Firm or Flex Harbor Style Dock Cushion

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Harbor Style Dock Cushions are extra wide & heavy duty with Firm & Flex options with white & black color choices.  Roto Molded cushions are designed to provide the best protection for any and every boat.  These are monstrous dock cushions!  This pack contains 2 dock harbor style dock cushions of one style.

Cushion Sizes: 
  • DHC-A - Corner Cushion
    • 5 inch protrusion x 12 inches Wide x 24 inches Long on both sides.
  • DHC-B -Flat Back
    • 5 inch protrusion x 12 inches Wide x 48 inches Long.
  • DHC-C - V-Back
    • 5 inch protrusion x 12 inches Wide x 48 inches Long.
Safely deflect boats away from your dock with Heavy Duty Dock Harbor Cushions.

Like other rotationally-molded dock cushions from Ace Dock Accessories, these Harbor Style dock cushions are made of tough/durable polyethylene with ultra-violet inhibitors.

The durable FIRM or FLEX cushions are designed to protect your boat by deflecting it away from your dock.  Firm and Flex cushions deliver a similar quality of protection.  Firm dock cushions are rigid and keep your boat from coming in contact with the dock.  Flex cushions have a "softer" feel and last longer than Firm dock cushions while providing the same level of excellent protection.  Ace's FIRM poly cushion has set the standard from the beginning.

Environmentally safe, these heavy duty dock corner cushions are larger in size and are big on performance.  They provide excellent protection for boats and docks in both fresh and salt water.

Built to last, Dock Harbor Cushions are the premium in boat protection.

These dock cushions are very large and designed to be used in settings where the asset being protected requires the MOST protection available.

This is for case quantities of dock cushions only!  Purchase individual dock cushions here.

*This item does not qualify for free shipping.  Mounting hardware is not included.


Firm or Flex Styles
Corner-style, Flat Back & V-Back Dock Cushions
2 Cushions per Pack


White or Black

Additional Information:

  • Save your boat from costly scratches and scrapes
  • Each cushion pack comes with two dock cushions.
  • Manufactured with ultra-violet inhibitors to help prevent yellowing and cracking
  • Easy to mount (mounting hardware not included)
  • Dock edges are easier to locate
  • Firm or Flex Styles
  • Corner-style, Flat back & V-back Dock Cushions available
  • Provides valuable protection for years
  • Hollow - provides some "give" if struck by a boat
  • Molded-in Counter bores allow recessing of your mounting bolts - 0.45" diameter bolt hole clearance (3/8" diameter bolts work great). 1.12" diameter counter bores allow bolt heads to be recessed below the surface, protecting boats from damage.
TEST RESULTS: Ace Dock Accessories / Den Hartog has performed extensive testing with their dock cushions, and the evidence shows that their polyethylene dock cushions actually protect your boat better than vinyl. They have been selling these cushions since 1996.

Many people falsely believe a vinyl dock cushion will better protect their boat than a polyethylene dock cushion, because the vinyl cushion "feels soft". The truth is, the vinyl cushions have too much give, and will bend and twist. Vinyl cushions give your boat a greater chance of coming in contact with the dock using.

It is the dock that damages the boat - not the dock cushion. Ace Dock cushions are designed to deflect the boat from the dock and not absorb the boat into the dock.

Distributor information

This product is manufactured by: Ace Dock Accessories

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