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30 Amp Inlet and Connector | Shore Power SmartPlug
30A SmartPlug Inlet and Connector Combo Kit

30 Amp Inlet and Connector | Shore Power SmartPlug

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The SmartPlug 30 Amp Inlet and Connector (B30ASSY) includes the 30 Amp Inlet (BM30NT) and the 30 Amp Connector (BF30), everything you need to protect your boat from shore power overheating and burning. Installation of both components is easy. Simply replace the connector on the *boatside end of your existing shore power cordset, as well as the shore power inlet on your boat with the superior SmartPlug equivalent using the included instructions.

SmartPlug's Thermal Comparison

Push Straight-In Sleeved Design:

One of the primary causes of electrical arcing in twist-type designs is the fact that the electrical pins bear any weight or tension in the cord, and eventually work themselves loose. The SmartPlug's sleeve design means that the body of the plug bears that weight or tension, rather than the electrical pins, keeping those points of electrical contact secure.


Water intrusion leads to corrosion, and corrosion leads to electrical arcing and overheating. SmartPlug's three weatherproof seals eliminate the possibility of water and moisture intrusion, ensuring a safe and dry connection.

Multi-Point Locking System:

SmartPlugs employ two locking side levers as well as two points of contact on the locking cap to ensure a rock solid connection. When not in use, the cap can be closed to form a weatherproof seal on the inlet.

Ease of Use:

Simply push the plug straight in until the side levers 'click' and then snap the locking cap down on top to finish the job. Additionally, the unique shape of the plug ensures a straight-in connection that can only be plugged in one way. No more finding the offset pin in the dark and no twisting required!

Easy Installation:

Simply remove the legacy twist-type round inlet from your *boat, connect the wiring to the SmartPlug inlet and reinstall using the same screw hole footprint. On the plug end, you simply cut off your old plug end and attach wires to the new SmartPlug.

Quality of Materials:

SmartPlug Systems uses only the finest materials available in construction of it's products. All external metals are Marine-Grade 316 Stainless Steel, the electrical pins are nickel-plated brass for maximum conductivity, and plastics are UV and heat resistant Valox 553U resins made right here in the USA.

Additional Information:

  • Straight electrical blades with 20x more contact area
  • Three weatherproof seals
  • Multi-point locking system
  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel construction
  • SmartPlug Inlet & Connector includes:

    • 30 Amp Connector (BF30)
    • 30 Amp Inlet (BM30NT)
    • Install tool for connector
    • Cord seal for connector
    • (3) connector face screws
    • Inlet rear mounting gasket

    Customer Reviews

    Great product.
    Great price. Fast shipping. Easy installation. I would do business with this company any time. Thanks.
    Reviewed by: from Tarentum. on 4/26/2017
    Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

    Smart Plugs
    These were recommended by a engineer friend on mine and I saw the at a Miami boat show. With the great price you had, it was a no brained. Easy install, only about an hour and they work great and my girlfriend says there is no more power hum. Thanks.
    Reviewed by: from Palmetto,Fl. on 4/24/2017
    Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

    The best decision I have ever made to install the SmartPlug inlet & connector to my boat. This improved the voltage without a voltage drop.
    Reviewed by: from Seattle. on 4/11/2017
    Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

    I LOVE the SmartPlug. The receptacle was very, very easy to install. The plug end, not so. It was a very warm day when I put it together and the suggested liquid soap ended up drying like glue. It took me two hours to do the plug side and half an hour to do the van side (I have it on my RV). I'd suggest using Vaseline or something that won't dry if it is very warm out when you're working on it. As far as the functionality of the SmartPlug, it is wonderful. It is so easy to use; just lift the cover and push the plug in place. There is no more getting down on my knees to make sure the twist prongs are lined up correctly (despite my drawing a large arrow on the plug). I no longer have to worry about weakening the prongs due to the rocking back and forth motion I had to do to get the twist plug off. Placing and removing the SmartPlug is a bit tight, but that's OK. I'd rather have it tight then too loose. I am so pleased with this plug, I have recommended it to others.
    Reviewed by: from Naugatuck, CT. on 8/18/2016
    Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

    great product
    After replacing shore-power connection every 3 years, i am trying this product. while I do not know how it will perform after 3 years, my initial impression is a superior product
    Reviewed by: from fort lauderdale. on 7/19/2016
    Rating Given: 5/5 Stars

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