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4" x 30" Wooly Anti-Chafe Abrasion Chafe Guard for 3/8 - 5/8 inch lines - Single Wooly
The Super Strong and Soft Wooly Line and Finish Protector in White

4" x 30" Wooly Anti-Chafe Abrasion Chafe Guard for 3/8 - 5/8 inch lines - Single Wooly

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This 4" wide, Extra-Long 30 inch Wooly® is a scuff-protecting guard that prevents 3/8" to 5/8" fender and dock lines from blemishing paint and gel coat finishes on yachts while increasing the life of your lines.  The durable, wooly chafe abrasion protector is available in black or white.  This is a single guard.

The Wooly is a soft dock or fender line protector and doesn't just protect your expensive lines, it acts as a non-marring buffer for your finish.  This 30 inch long, chafe-protecting line guard has black and white color choices that will not bleed or fade in any marine environment.

Gone are the days of lashing a chafe guard onto your lines just to have it be shorn from its line of duty too early.  Nylon hook and loop secures every chafe guard into place without worry of failure and can be installed or removed in just seconds.

Additional Information:

  • Easy-to-install design can be wrapped around the line at any time
  • Nylon hook and loop secures chafe guard's unique, wrappable design for precise placement
  • Black or white abrasion resistant & non-marring polyester and nylon textiles protect lines and finishes from all chafe abrasion
  • UV protected tanning process keeps material intact with long-term UV exposure
  • Mildew resistant, non-deteriorating construction won't break down due to mildew
  • Flexible and strong guard can be installed in an eye-splice, capstan/windlass, or heaved through a chock without effort

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