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5.5" x 18" ScuffGuard Line Guard for 3/8 - 3/4 inch lines - 2-Pack
Black ScuffGuard Chafe Protector in Use

5.5" x 18" ScuffGuard Line Guard for 3/8 - 3/4 inch lines - 2-Pack

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5.5" wide x 18" long ScuffGuard line protectors are the perfect alternative to other chafe guards.  This 2-pack of 18 inch long guards is made from a UV and mold resistant polyester blend that is made to take a beating.  Available in royal blue and black.

The ScuffGuard is the little brother to the Wooly, and acts as a more utilitarian chafe abrasion resisting sleeve for boats and lines that already have a little bit more character.  Constructed with a soft-loop polyester blend and internal, closed cell cushioning with hook and loop closing strips.

These sleeves are built to deliver excellent line protection and scuff prevention.

Gone are the days of lashing a chafe guard onto your lines just to have it be shorn from its line of duty too early.  Hook and loop closure points offer quick and secure installation or removal.

Additional Information:

  • Easy-to-install design can be wrapped around the line at any time
  • Hook and loop fastening strips secure chafe guard's unique, wrappable design for precise placement
  • Royal blue or black abrasion resistant & soft-loop polyester protect lines and finishes from chafe abrasion
  • Mildew resistant, non-deteriorating construction won't break down due to mildew or mold
  • Flexible and strong guard can be installed in an eye-splice, capstan/windlass, or heaved through a chock without effort

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