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6 inch wide Yacht Series Chafe Guard 2-Pack for 1/2 - 1 inch lines
The Yacht Grade Chafe Guard Installed and in Use

6 inch wide Yacht Series Chafe Guard 2-Pack for 1/2 - 1 inch lines

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6" wide Yacht Chafe Guards provide recreational boaters with chafe abrasion protection on any line from 1/2" - 1" diameter.  Protect your lines, brightwork, and finishes. Includes 2 chafe guards.

Designed with recreational boaters in mind, this line protector has the ability to fit your 1/2 - 1 inch line and resist chafe abrasion through almost all types of weather.

This all-black line sleeve is easy to install on any line whether it is in use or waiting to be deployed.

Gone are the days of lashing a chafe sleeve onto your lines just to have it be shorn from its line of duty too early. Hook and loop closure insures Chafe-Pro chafe guards are securely fastened. 

Additional Information:

  • Easy-to-install design can be wrapped around the line at any time
  • Nylon hook and loop secures chafe guard's unique, wrappable design for precise placement
  • Black, abrasion resistant polyester and nylon textiles protect lines from all chafe abrasion
  • UV protected material resists damage and persists through UV exposure
  • Mildew resistant, non-deteriorating construction won't break down due to mildew
  • Flexible and strong chafe guard can be installed in an eye-splice, capstan/windlass, or heaved through a chock without effort

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