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Anchor, Dock and Mooring

Sailor Sams has all the best Anchor, Dock and Mooring equipment you are looking for.
Check out our Anchors and Anchor Accessories as well as Dock Lines, Fenders, Ladders and Mooring Buoys.
Looking for Anchors?  Check out SailorSams selection of high quality Mantus boat anchors.  There isn't an anchor that sets as fast or delivers as much peace of mind as the Stainless Steel Anchors from SailorSams selection of Mantus anchors.
The security of your boat relies not only on your anchor, but also on your Anchoring Line.  Check out SailorSams single, double or triple braid nylon anchor lines. 
Tired of Sea-ing the sights?  Snug up to your dock with ease with our Anchor & Docking Accessories: from Anchor Bridles to The Boat Loop, make your docking and anchoring experience quick and easy after a long day on the water.
Leave the water with some of the highest quality Marine Ladders & Swim Platforms money can buy.  Take a dip then climb comfortably with Accmar Equipment Co.'s Lifting Dock Ladder; 3-7 Regular or Wide Steps.  Just want to dip your feet in?  Check out the Whitecap Teak Swim Platform.
Don't neglect your boat's exterior - Get some added protection with SailorSams extensive range of Dock Cushions.
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E-Z Anchor Puller Hero EX-2
SailorSams Price: $1,655.00
E-Z Anchor Puller Hero EX-3
SailorSams Price: $1,875.00
E-Z Anchor Puller Patriot EZ-2
SailorSams Price: $2,315.00
E-Z Anchor Puller Rebel EZ-4
SailorSams Price: $3,140.00
E-Z Anchor Puller Rebel EZ-5
SailorSams Price: $3,965.00
E-Z Anchor Puller Rebel EZ-6
SailorSams Price: $4,515.00