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Arrigoni 4" Pedestals and Accessories
4" Pedestals and Accessories

Arrigoni 4" Pedestals and Accessories

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Arrigoni's 4" pedestals and accessories allow you to mount and modify your seat, leaning post, and table mounting method. Employ a static height or adjustable pedestal to get exactly what you want out of your mounted hardware.

Please see key below.


4" Dia. Pole


Stainless Steel or Aluminum construction

Additional Information:

A: Four inch diameter manual adjustable height 30 inch pedestal with 12 inch diameter base. ( 22 in. up to 32 in.)
B: Four inch diameter fixed height 316 stainless steel pedestal with 12 inch pedestal base
C: 4 inch aluminum pedestal
D: Four inch diameter gas assist adjustable height 316 stainless steel pedestal with a 12 inch diameter base (22in. up to 32 in.) 
E: Four inch 6061 aluminum locking swivel mount
F: Pull out adjustable 4" Swivel Footrest with Black Starboard step pad
G: Twelve inch flush deck plate
H: Four inch slide & swivel mount with 316 stainless steel hub

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