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AutoAnchor Control

AutoAnchor offers a fairly complete line of anchor monitoring and control units. The chain counters, remote control units, and windlass monitors elucidate statistics with clear, concise information delivered to your control.
AutoAnchor Control: Products (Products: 29)
AA320 Hand Held Remote with Two Outputs and 11.5 ft. Spiral Cable
AA710 Handheld Remote without Base Station
SailorSams Price: $491.50
AA710 Antenna Compatible Handheld Remote - Complete Kit Includes Base Station & Handheld
AA730 Wired Handheld Remote, Complete Kit Includes Base Station and Handheld with Cradle
AA710 Base Station Only
SailorSams Price: $547.50
AA710 Remote Control Bridge Transmitter Antenna
Wired AA560 Anchor Rode Counter and Control Kit - Black or Grey
AA150 Rode Counter with Round Bezel
SailorSams Price: $410.30
AutoAnchor Series 500 Black or Grey Instrument Cover
AutoAnchor Motor Load Sensor Terminators
SailorSams Price: $16.30
Cradle for Mounting AA300 and AA710 Hand Set
Vertical Windlass Deckplate Sensor Fitting Adapter with a Nylon Grommet
Deck Socket with 3-Pin Wire Lead and Cap for the AA300, 2-button Remote
Deck Socket with 5-Pin Wire Lead and Cap for the AA300, 4-button Remote
AA Black Sensor and 6x4mm Magnet Kit for 500 Series Units
AA Grey Sensor with 6x4mm and 10x8mm Magnets for NON-500 Series Units
AutoAnchor Sensor, Black, for AA500C Only
AutoAnchor Sensor with Plug, Grey, for all models except AA500C
2 Meter Dual Installation Connecting Cable - 1 Male, 1 Female End for 2nd Station
6.5m-25m Sensor Cables for AA560 and AA150 Units - Male Plug on Both Ends
Dual Installation T-Junction Connector
SailorSams Price: $34.30
Male AA Cable Field Connector
SailorSams Price: $42.00
Female AA Cable Field Connector
SailorSams Price: $41.99
Female to Female End Use to Link Sensor Cables Gender Changer
Magnet Only, 6 x 4mm, Used with All Models Bottom Fit All Chain Only
Magnet Only, 10 x 8mm Used with All Models Except AA500C
AutoAnchor Console Hardware Kit
SailorSams Price: $9.00
AutoAnchor Horizontal Sensor Holder, Nylon, #9110
AutoAnchor Splice Pack For Rope or Chain 3-Wire Sensor