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Bi-color Switchable

Sailor Sams selection of Bi-color Switchable LED Light Bulb Fixtures grant the user easy color changing ability by way of switch or button. These lights switch between LED colors easily. Bi-color Switchable fixture options come in various mounting styles including: surface, recessed, courtesy, reading and chart.
Bi-color Switchable: Products (Products: 8)
Frilight Sun 8311 | 12 volt Ceiling Light | Halogen or LED Bulb
Frilight Square 8611 | 12 volt Utility Light | Halogen or LED Bulb
Imtra Rockport 12-24 Volt IP65 Ceiling Light | PowerLED light
Imtra Montauk | 12 volt IP65 LED Courtesy Light
Bremen | 12 volt IP40 LED Reading Light
SailorSams Price: $260.00
On sale: $234.00On Sale
Frensch F-4 300mm TouchLED | 12 volt LED IP40 Chart Light
Frensch F-4 500mm TouchLED | 12 volt LED IP40 Reading Light
Frensch F-22 Linear with TouchSensor | 12 Volt IP67 LED Light