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Chafe-Pro Wooly Conditioner for Marine Protection
Chafe-Pro Marine Protectant Kit

Chafe-Pro Wooly Conditioner for Marine Protection

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Specially formulated to help preserve the Wooly sheep-skin from the harsh marine environments. Using a proprietary blend of mink and mineral seal oil, the Wooly Conditioner not only helps to preserve and extend the life of these leather units, it also serves as a water repellant, leather softener and conditioner.

Give your Wooly® and other leather products the spa treatment they deserves!
While protecting your lines in the harsh marine environment, the Wooly® as well as other leather products can become dry and stiff.  Bring back that softness and keep your leather products pliable with the Wooly® Conditioner.  The Wooly® Conditioner has been specially formulated to protect the Wooly® and other leather used aboard ships and yachts. Regular use of the Wooly® Conditioner will help extend the life of your leather products.

Directions for using the Wooly® Conditioner:  Remove loose dirt. Apply with a clean cloth to dry leather. Rub gently to penetrate the pores of the leather. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe off the excess. For best results use regularly and store the conditioner in a cool place.  Note:  Always test first on a small sample to check for compatibility.

Additional Information:

  • Preserves and protects
  • Keeps the leather soft and pliable
  • Helps to prevent salt stains, drying & cracking
  • Water repellent

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