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Chart Lights

Flexible Marine Chart Lights for table, desk or even bulwark mounting. Light up your desk with 12 volt or 24 volt gooseneck lights. Direct the LED or Halogen/Xenon light fixture where you need light the most, and it will stay there. Chart lights with Touch Sensor feature available for easy on/off.
Chart Lights: Products (Products: 10)
Frilight Chart 8235 | 12-24 VDC Chart Light | LED or Halogen Bulbs
ITC Compass Adjustable LED 4 In. Reading Light
Kiel IP20 Adjustable Chart Light | 12-24 volt LED
Frensch F-4 300mm TouchLED | 12 volt LED IP40 Chart Light
Frensch F-4 500mm TouchLED | 12 volt LED IP40 Reading Light
Ocean Chart Lamp | 12 volt IP20 LED or Halogen Chart Light
Kassel Flexible Bi-Color LED, IP40 Chart Light | 10-30VDC Matt Chrome Fixture
Kassel Flexible Bi-Color LED, IP40 Chart Light | 10-30VDC Fixture
Cabin Lamp | 12 volt Halogen Reading Light
SailorSams Price: $264.00
ITC Compass Adjustable LED 12 In. Reading Light