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Clearwater Industries

Clearwater Industries' MegaHitch Trailer Security Lock Box

Clearwater Industries developed the MegaHitch Trailer Coupler Lock Box and proved that trailer security can be ensured at boat yard parking spots, remote work sites, and public lots when an enclosed building is not available. The locking system surrounds the trailer's hitch with 3/16" steel so you can focus on what's important to you.

You'll never worry about your trailer's security again when you use a MegaHitch.

Manufacturer's Products: (Total Items: 5)
MegaHitch Lock Coupler Vault Pro 2
MegaHitch Lock Trek Lock for 2-7/8 and 3 5/16 Couplers
MegaHitch Lock 30' Security Cable
SailorSams Price: $36.00
MegaHitch Lock Breakaway Security Nuts
SailorSams Price: $8.00
MegaHitch Lock 3 - 4 inch Bolt and Breakaway Nut Kit