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Core Medical Systems

Core Medical Systems is a safety and medical equipment provider focused on providing obvious and effective kits for any and all emergency situation. Kits can include AEDs, suture kits, QuikClot, airway management, and other standard emergency medical supplies. Each kit has been vetted by Jon Bloomberg, a certified instructor in AED, CPR, and First Aid. Jon has provided emergency medical oversight and counsel for corporations, military organizations, and state functions since 1972.

Manufacturer's Products: (Total Items: 18)
Philips FRx Automated External Defibrillator
SailorSams Price: $1,559.00
HeartSine 350P Automated External Defibrillator
HeartSine 450P-AED with Integrated CPR Rate Advisor
Philips HeartStart OnSite AED with Accessories
Cardiac Science G3 9300 Plus AED
SailorSams Price: $1,595.00
Cruiser Emergency Care Kit: Maximum Care, Small Footprint AED Bag
Traveler Advanced Medical Kit - Red or Blue Bag
Core Enhanced First Aid Kit - Quik Clot Available
CoreCPR Core Trauma QuikClot Pack
SailorSams Price: $43.00
Kemp CPR Board
SailorSams Price: $69.95
EMS Shears 7 1/4
SailorSams Price: $5.99
Suture Kit for Extreme Emergencies
SailorSams Price: $96.00
Center Pocket EMS Bag
SailorSams Price: $129.95
First Responder Bag
SailorSams Price: $35.00
Maxi Trauma Bag
SailorSams Price: $54.95
Naloxone Kit with Lock
SailorSams Price: $65.00
EMS Advanced Medical Traveler Bag
SailorSams Price: $82.50
Ultra Large EMS Bag
SailorSams Price: $109.95