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Deck Cleaning

Brushes, mops, squeegees, and more to give your deck a little extra sparkle with a lot less work.  Boaters know that when it's time to clean the deck, it's time to run like heck.  With SailorSams selection of deck supplies you can bust out your cleaning system and get it done in no time.
Deck Cleaning: Products (Products: 5)
Lil Stubby Hull Cleaning Brush | Underwater Cleaning Brush
Utility Scour Pads | Engine Room and Underwater Coarse Scrubbing Pad 12 pack
Hull Cleaning Mitt | Microfiber or Coarse Underwater Cleaning Glove
Through Hull Wire Brush | Through Hull Bolt Hole Cleaning Brush
Deck Blaster Hose Nozzle
SailorSams Price: $39.99