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Dual Euro 48602 Rocker Switch | Marine Rocker Switches
Dual Euro Rocker Switch White center and switches, with White bezel.

Dual Euro 48602 Rocker Switch | Marine Rocker Switches

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Frilight marine Euro Rocker Switch has two switches encircled by an attractive colored trim ring.

FriLight Euro Rocker Switches can be used at 12 volts, 24 volts, 120 volts or 230 volts.
The following ratings apply at the various voltages: 
12 volts - 100 watts - 8.3 amps, 
 24 volts - 200 watts - 8.3 amps, 
120 Volt AC - 1000 watts - 8.3 amps, 
 230 Volt AC - 2000 watts - 8.3 amps


OD 2.66" square (60mm)
2.125 recessed diameter (54mm)
0.78" recessed depth (20mm)
0.35" profile (9mm)


12 volt, 100 watts
24 volt, 200 watts
120 volt, 1000 watts
230 volt, 2000 watts
8.3 amps max


White or Black face and switches
White, Chrome, Gold, Matt Silver and Silver Sand colored Bezels

Additional Details:

Screw Mount
Dry location only

Additional Information:

  1. First make a cutout for the 2.125" diameter housing directly into your wall panel. 
  2. Seat the housing into the wall cutout and mark the wall for 4 pilot holes to match the housing corner screw hole pattern. 
  3. Remove the housing. 
  4. Drill the pilot holes in the wall. 
  5. Wire the switch assembly to your wiring in the wall. 
  6. Seat the switch housing into the wall cutout. 
  7. Install 4 mounting screws to hold the housing to the wall. 
  8. Seat the switch assembly in the housing and snap the bezel into place (this hides the mounting screws and holds the switch assembly).

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This product ships from the following distributor: SalVinCo

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