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EisenShine Polycarbonate/Acrylic Restoration Kit
Eisen Shine's Complete Vinyl Restoration Kit

EisenShine Polycarbonate/Acrylic Restoration Kit

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Eisen Shine restoration kits restore your Polycarbonate/Acrylic to its original state with only one application a year.  Remove blemishes from boat windows to restore the original visibility!  This kit is simple to apply and use - and the results are easy to see.

Removing haze from your polycarbonate/acrylic windows isn't easy.  Eisen Shine has devised a complete kit using proprietary cleaners that will eliminate the cloudy, haze-covered appearance that is typical on boat windows.  The application process is simple and only requires one application per year for clearly visible results.

The three step process starts by using the cleaner to prep the clear vinyl.  The stripper is used afterwards and removes cloudiness across the entire window for a clear, consistent appearance.  Once your surface is cleaned and stripped, the protectant goes on to provide an entire year of protection against damaging UV rays.


Additional Information:

  • Removes years of oxidation and haze
  • Restores cloudy, weathered vinyl surfaces
  • Provides annual UV protection - one application per year!
  • No machine buffing required - simply wipe on and wipe off.
Kit includes:
  • Cleaner (6 oz.)
  • Stripper (4 oz.)
  • Protectant (4 oz)
  • Three microfiber applicators
  • Three microfiber cloths

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SailorSams Price: $53.95

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