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Elwood FriLight ef1206 Rotary 12 Volt Dimmer | 5 Amp Rotary Dimmer
Elwood FriLight EF1206 Rotary Dimmer in Matte Chrome

Elwood FriLight ef1206 Rotary 12 Volt Dimmer | 5 Amp Rotary Dimmer

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4 Wire Dimmer 
with On-Off Switch. 
Rotate to click on or off
The small footprint of this
12 volt dimmer makes for
a subtle yet stylish setup.
12 volt LED dimmer small size adds to subtle styling

These 12 volt dimmers - 24 volt dimmers can be used for low wattage 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC incandescent, Halogen, Xenon or LED lights, including the FriLight and Optronics lights with Bee Green LED Bulbs

NOTE: This dimmer is only for use with resistive loads, and so is NOT for use as a motor control.

This 4 wire 12 volt dimmer is great for New Installations & Retrofits. It can replace an existing switch provided you have access to both power + and - (install inline between the power source and the lights; and the dimmer must be connected to - ground). Refer to the Wiring Diagram in the images below.

12 volt dimmer - 24 volt dimmer - side view
Includes at least 6 inch wire lengths for hookup, fuse holder with 6 amp fuse, instructions.


2.36" square (60mm)
2.125" diameter cut-out (54mm)
1.32" recess depth (33mm)
0.35" bezel profile (9mm)


12 volt DC - 24 volt DC (9-30 volt DC range)
60 watts at 12 VDC (5 amps max)
120 watts at 24 VDC (5 amps max)


White, Chrome, Gold, Matt Silver or Silver Sand colored knob and bezel

Additional Details:

Screw Mount
Dry location only
Rotary dimmer, click on off
Versatile dimmer for use with 12 volt incandescent, halogen, Xenon and LED lights

Additional Information:

Dimmer control ec-5addc designed and manufactured by Elwood Controls of Sebastian, FL; and installed in FriLight housing.

12v-24v Dimmer ef1206 Mounting Suggestions:

New Installations:
  1. Make a cutout for the 2.125" diameter housing directly into your wall panel.
  2. Seat the housing into the wall cutout and mark the wall for 4 pilot holes to match the housing corner screw hole pattern. Remove the housing. Drill the pilot holes in the wall.
  3. Wire the dimmer to your wiring in the wall.
  4. Seat the dimmer housing into the wall cutout. Seat the dimmer guts in the housing, pushing the excess wire into the wall.
  5. Install 4 mounting screws to hold the housing to the wall, and snap the bezel into place (this hides the mounting screws).
To Retrofit into an existing switch housing:
  1. Mount the Dimmer ef1206 onto a blank wall plate that fits onto your existing switch housing.
    Note: Standard Blank Wall plates that fit standard residential style electrical switch boxes are available in various colors from hardware stores and electrical suppliers.
  2. Follow the procedure for New Installations above.

Replaces icm-bd1206, svc-bd1206, FriLight bd1206.
Contains Elwood Controls DC Dimmer Module ec-5addc.

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This product ships from the following distributor: SalVinCo

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