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Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion 6 Pack Case
Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion

Fold & Go Portable Dock Cushion 6 Pack Case

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The unique design of the Fold & Go not only protects your boat from scratching and scraping against rough posts, it folds up in seconds to allow you to take it with you.

The Fold & Go has a super-sized, cushioned surface that provides maximum protection at the dock or marina.

The Fold & Go stores easily on every boat. The fold-out handle fits over round or square dock posts that are 4" or smaller.

Portable and practical, Ace's Fold & Go is made of durable polyethylene with maximum UV inhibitors to prevent damage and yellowing from sunlight.

Ace Dock Accessories / Den Hartog has done several tests involving their dock cushions, and the evidence shows that their polyethylene dock cushions actually protect your boat better than vinyl.  They have been selling these cushions since 1996.

Many people falsely believe a vinyl dock cushion will better protect their boat than a polyethylene dock cushion, because the vinyl cushion feels soft.  It is actually the opposite.  The vinyl cushions have too much give, and will bend and twist. Your boat has a greater chance of coming in contact with the dock using a vinyl cushion.  Itís the dock that damages the boat - not the dock cushion.  Ace Dock cushions are designed to deflect the boat from the dock and not absorb the boat into the dock.

This is for a six pack of Fold & Go Dock Cushions with the following dimensions:
4" Protrusion x 7" Wide x 41" Long

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Additional Information:

  • Durable polyethylene to protect your boat from the dock and posts
  • Manufactured with ultra-violet inhibitors
  • Easy to mount
  • Provides valuable protection for years
  • Hollow - provides some "give" if struck by a boat
  • This is a 6 pack case

Distributor information

This product is manufactured by: Ace Dock Marine Products

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