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Forespar MareLube Reach Valve Lubrication Kit
Forespart MareLube Reach

Forespar MareLube Reach Valve Lubrication Kit

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Marelube Reach Valve Lubrication Kit keeps all your valves running smoothly! Apply at least twice a season to keep handles operating optimally. Marelube also helps stop marine growth inside the valve for a better flow within. Tubing included in this kit allows you to easily reach hard to access locations.

Marelube can be used to lubricate the seals on ANY STYLE marine valve (Marelon, bronze, or stainless steel).

Click here to see how to use Forespar's Reach Applicator

Additional Information:

To use, remove applicator tube cap and place syringe plunger into the back of the syringe and apply pressure. As you apply pressure, the Marelube with flow into the tube. Press slowly, the lube will continue to flow after you stop applying pressure.
  • 1/4"-5/16" drop smeared onto the ball will be plenty
  • Each 30cc tube should do over 20 applications
  • Open and close the valve a few times to draw the lube around the seals. 
  • Check for any leaks
  • Cracked/stretched or damaged hose should be replaced.

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