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Forespar ReFresh Head and Tank Deodorizer
Forespar Refresh Head and Tank Deodorizer

Forespar ReFresh Head and Tank Deodorizer

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ReFresh Marine Head and Tank Deodorizer absorbs and destroys holding tank gases and odors for up to four months! Holding tanks contain liquids and solids that can dry and stick to the inside of the tank. ReFresh chemically binds to the molecular surface of the odor causing substance and uses a gas absorption method which works very effectively. This deodorizer is biodegradable, putting a fresh, green spin on killing odors.

Additional Information:

  • One 16oz bottle treats your holding tank 16 times (1oz per 20 gallons)
  • Pour 1oz in head and flush with 1 or 2 quarts of fresh or salt water
  • Water based, non-toxic
  • Highly concentrated formula takes little storage space

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