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Forespar ReFresh Spray Deodorizer
Forespar ReFresh Deodorizing Spray

Forespar ReFresh Spray Deodorizer

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ReFresh Marine Atomizer Spray Deodorizer absorbs and neutralizes the gases we perceive as odors. Simply spray in the area of the odors, and this long lasting, naturally green, water based deodorizer will absorb and deactivate the unpleasant smell. No dilution or mixing is required. 

Use on fish, mold, mildew, cooking, tobacco smoke, spoiled food, pet, and vomit odors! This non-staining formula can be used on hard surfaces, fabrics, or sprayed right into the air.

Additional Information:

  • 1 bottle can cover as many as 1,500 applications
  • No mixing, just spray
  • Do NOT inhale or spray directly on people or animals

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