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Eyelight 8941 Frilight | 12 volt Ceiling Lights | Halogen or LED Bulb
8341 Eyelight with White Finish and Switch

Eyelight 8941 Frilight | 12 volt Ceiling Lights | Halogen or LED Bulb

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FriLight Eyeball 8941 positionable Halogen or LED light bulb.  Point the light where you want it with the adjustable, swiveling spotlight equipped with a MR11 socket type bulb.

Choose 12 volt Halogen/Xenon (12 volt input only) or 12-24 volt LED MR11 socket bulb.

12 volt, 10 watt MR11 socket Halogen bulb with Xenon gas for increased longevity.

Energy efficient MR11 LED Bulb. This LED is able to function on an input of 10-30 volts DC.

Warm White LED (1.6 Watts, 110 Lumens)


OD 3.36" (85mm) x 4.33"(110mm) oval
Height 2.08" (53mm)


Halogen: 12 volt input only!
LED: 12-24 volt dc (10-30v)


Chrome colored plastic fixture
Warm White Bulb Color Available

Additional Details:

Screw Mount
Dry location only
Built-in Rocker Switch.
Fuse; transient suppression to protect against voltage spikes.

Additional Information:

Supplied with a Bee Green LED bulb which utilizes constant-current topology and is EMI free (no electromagnetic interference). 

Bee Green LEDs are produced with an 80 CRI value to provide excellent light color.  

Electrical protection: Contains a fuse and transient suppressor as protection from current overload and voltage spikes. 

2 year warranty.

Distributor information

This product ships from the following distributor: SalVinCo

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