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ITC Button LED Courtesy Light
ITC Button LED Courtesy Light with Sleek Bezel

ITC Button LED Courtesy Light

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Hey, My name is Joe
And I work in a button factory,
I've got a wife and a dog and a family,
One day the boss came up to me and said
Hey Joe, Are you busy? I said no.


Cool White LED Bulb Color Available

Additional Information:

  • No fasteners required for installation
  • Low profile & watertight
  • Versatile LED light for varying applications
  • Aesthetic collar available (shown with collar)
  • Available with warm white, cool white, blue or VersiColorTM RGB color options
  • LED Color: 3K: 3000K (69502CL-3K) (69502DI-3K), 6K: 6300K (69502CL-6K) (69502DI-6K), A: Amber (69502CL-A) (69502DI-A), B: Blue (69502CL-B)(69502DI-B), G: Green (69502CL-G) (69502DI-G), or RGB: Red, Green, Blue (69502CL-RGB) (69502DI-RGB)
  • Aesthetic Collar Finish: Chrome (69501A-CH), Brushed Nickel (69501A-NI) or White (69501A-W4)
  • Cutout: 3/4? standard button light, 1? for aesthetic collar option
  • Wattage: White: 0.5 W, Amber/Blue/Green: 0.2 W, RGB: 0.7 W
  • Lumens: White: 2.58, Color: N/A
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Amp Draw: White: 0.042 A, Amber/Blue: 0.02 A, RGB: 0.05 A

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