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ITC Eminence LED Overhead Light Fixture
ITC Eminence LED Overhead Light Fixture

ITC Eminence LED Overhead Light Fixture

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ITC's Eminence LED Overhead Light Fixture with chrome or white bezel and warm white LEDs.

The Eminence light combines high-end residential styling with high quality ITC LED technology, while the recessed style with prominent bezel celebrates the overhead light. Eminence takes overhead lighting to a new level of design importance making it a central decorative focus on the boat. Spring clip mounting options has no visible fasteners further adding to the upscale look of the light. Three finish options, including brushed nickel, chrome or white, highlight any interior or aesthetic.

Additional Information:

  • Decorative trim ring provides high-end residential styling in the mobile environment
  • MacAdam Ellipse color control technology: color difference between fixtures guaranteed to be undetectable to the human eye
  • Excellent thermal management for long 50,000 hour estimated LED Life as compared to a 2,000 estimated life of a halogen bulb
  • Wing spring clip or screw mounting – no visible fasteners
  • Mercury, Lead & UV free
  • FCC complian

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