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ITC LED Down Light
ITC LED Down Light

ITC LED Down Light

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ITC LED Down Light in Black with Blue Window

Additional Information:

    Additional information
    • Finish: 316 Stainless Steel (69307SS-BL) (69307SS-AM) (69307SS-CLBL), Black (69307BK-BL)
    • LED Color:  Cool White (69307SS-BL, 69307BK-BL), Amber (69307SS-AM), Blue (69307SS-CLBL)
    • Upper Window: Blue (69307SS-BL) (69307BK-BL), Clear (69307SS-AM) (69307SS-CLBL)
    • Lens: PMMA Clear
    • Lumens: 6
    • Recess Depth: 0.69"
    • Cutout: 0.75"
    • Wattage: 0.24
    • Voltage: 10-14V
    • Amp Draw: 0.02

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