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ITC Sequoia™ III Standard Floor Base
ITC's Sequoia III Floor Base Size Options

ITC Sequoia™ III Standard Floor Base

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  • Twist-lock collar tightens leg to floor base for secure fit
  • Additional inner structural element transfers load from leg to the floor base reducing wobble
  • Floor bases are surface mount and fill cap for void when leg is removed is available as separate part
  • The 2" diameter legs are anodized aluminum and are available in standard sizes: 22.75", 26.25", 27.75" and 29.75"
  • Custom heights available by special order
  • NOTE: Sequoia III leg & floor bases are not interchangeable with Sequoia II components
  • Finish: Black (TS4000B), (TC4000B), Silver (TS4004B-P), (TR4004-P), Polished (TR4000C), (TR4001C), Anodized (TL4002C-22), (TL4002C-25.5), (TL4002C-27), (TL4002C-29)
  • Material: Aluminum (TS4000B), (TS4004B-P), (TR4004B-P), (TL4002C-22), (TL4002C-25.5), (TL4002C-27), (TL4002C-29), Stainless Steel (TR4000C), (TR4001C), (TR4001C), Plastic (TC4000B)
  • Size: 5" Diameter (TR4000C), 7" Diameter (TR4001C) (TR4004C-P), 3.58" Diameter (TC4000B), 22.75" Long (TL4002C-22), 26.25" Long (TL4002C-25.5), 27.75" Long (TL4002C-27), 29.75" Long (TL4002C-29)

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