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ITC Sequoia™ III Table Leg POST ONLY
ITC's 2" Diameter Sequoia III Table Leg and Base System

ITC Sequoia™ III Table Leg POST ONLY

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ITC's TL4002C Sequoia III Table Leg & Base System.  The Sequoia 3 system improves the stability and ease-of-use for all Sequoia table leg systems.  The table and floor bases have been improved to be easier to use and stay in position while the post construction reduces overall table movement.

This item includes ONLY the post and works ONLY for the Sequoia 3 floor/table mounting plates and bases!

Additional Information:

  • Twist-lock collar tightens leg to floor base for secure fit
  • Additional inner structural element transfers load from leg to the floor base reducing wobble
  • Floor bases are surface mount and fill cap for void when leg is removed is available as separate part
  • The 2" diameter legs are anodized aluminum and are available in standard sizes: 22", 25.5", 27" and 29"
  • NOTE: Sequoia III leg & floor bases are not interchangeable with Sequoia II components
  • Finish: Black (TS4000B), (TC4000B), Silver (TS4004B-P), (TR4004-P), Polished (TR4000C), (TR4001C), Anodized (TL4002C-22), (TL4002C-25.5), (TL4002C-27), (TL4002C-29)
  • Material: Aluminum (TS4000B), (TS4004B-P), (TR4004B-P), (TL4002C-22), (TL4002C-25.5), (TL4002C-27), (TL4002C-29), Stainless Steel (TR4000C), (TR4001C), (TR4001C), Plastic (TC4000B)
  • Size: 5" Diameter (TR4000C), 7" Diameter (TR4001C) (TR4004C-P), 3.58" Diameter (TC4000B), 22.75" Long (TL4002C-22), 26.25" Long (TL4002C-25.5), 27.75" Long (TL4002C-27), 29.75" Long (TL4002C-29)

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