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ITC's 5955S Industrial Fixed LED Pendant Light in Brushed Nickel
ITC's 5955S Industrial™ Fixed LED Pendant Light in Chrome

ITC's 5955S Industrial Fixed LED Pendant Light in Brushed Nickel

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ITC's Industrial Fixed Pendant light is the finest pendant light you've owned and only a few clicks away.  Your world will change immediately after installing this light; it has been reported that each occurrence of installation is marked by a swift ascension into what can only be explained as "harmonic equalization."

This pendant has 11.3" and 19.3" posts available with a brushed nickel color scheme!

This fixture has an integrated LED cluster that isn't replaceable.


Warm White LED Bulb Color Available

Additional Information:

  • Industrial styling provides a classic look with simple lines and exposed hardware
  • Diffused LED cluster provides a soft residential like glow
  • Available in various lengths from 9.3" – 22.7"
  • LED technology fosters a long life and reduced energy consumption
  • Available without integral power switch
  • Finish: Chrome (5955S-UM20010Y9), Brushed Nickel (5955S-UM30010Y9), Matte Black (5955S-UM90010Y9)
  • Post Length: H = 9.3", J = 11.3", K = 13.3", L = 15.3", M = 17.3", R= 19.3", T = 22.7"
  • LED Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Wattage: 5.8
  • Amp Draw: .43
  • Listing: CSA

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