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Imtra 120 VAC LED IP65 Rope Lights | Blue, WW or WH LEDs
120 Volt LED Rope Lights, Red

Imtra 120 VAC LED IP65 Rope Lights | Blue, WW or WH LEDs

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120 Volt AC LED rope lights 3/8 inch flexible  marine-quality rope lighting. Discreet, even-colored LED light for any 120 volt system.  Sold by the foot or spool so you can outfit any size house or boat with the highest quality rope light available.

Imtra's 120 Volt LED Rope Lights
 are a 3/8" diameter modern alternative to incandescent rope lighting. LED Rope Lights are energy efficient and produce very little heat.  LED Rope lights do not have fragile filaments, making this already super-duty rope light even more durable.

It is important to properly accessorize your 120VAC rope light.  Please note that these rope lights must be powered by a 120VAC generator or 120VAC household power.  Check out our Rope Light Accessories page to see a complete selection of components - but you can get this rope light up and running with just a few clicks below:
  • Rope light termination cap, or an End Cap, terminates the run safely.
  • Use the proper power cord 120 VAC Power Cord C Connector as it is equipped with an in-line rectifier, otherwise your LED lights may flicker!
  • 120VAC rope light is not able to be dimmed.  Consider the 12 volt DC or 24 volt DC rope lights with appropriate power step-down and rectifier accessories if you would like dimmable, household rope lighting.
All available 120 Volt AC colored rope lights can be cut every 36 inches.

Please note that 120 VAC rope light is only available in 3 foot segments or 150 foot spools.

Segments of rope light are ONLY sold in multiples of 3 feet.  If a number that is not divisible by 3 is entered, the quantity will be rounded down to the nearest multiple of 3 and processed.


Blue, Cool White & Warm White LEDs available

Additional Information:

  • Description: 3/8" LED Rope Lighting
  • Watts: 0.70 Watts
  • Amp Draw: 0.04 or 0.006 Amps/ft
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Bulb Spacing: 1"
  • Ingress Protection: 65
  • Pricing Units: Per 3 Ft.
  • Recommended Air Temp Range: -4° to 122° F
  • Cutability: Every 36"
  • Maximum Run Length: 328'
  • Safety Standards Compliance: CE-EMC, UL 2388

LED Lights:
  • Warm White: 0.70 watts, 0.006 Amps/foot, vertical bulbs, cuttable every 36"
  • Cool White: 0.70 watts, 0.006 Amps/foot, vertical bulbs, cuttable every 36"
  • Blue: 0.70 watts, 0.04 Amps/foot, horizontal bulbs, cuttable every 36"
Installation Note: Prior to installation of Rope Lighting, make sure to connect the power and verify illumination.  As you install the string, stay aware of which end you need to feed the power into because LED rope lighting has one-way-flow diodes.  If your Rope Light does not illuminate, disconnect the power and reconnect it to the other end of the LED rope lighting.

Distributor information

This product ships from the following distributor: Imtra

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