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Imtra Clear Shrink Tube | 3/8" LED Rope Light
10 pk. Shrink Tube for 3/8 diameter LED Rope Light

Imtra Clear Shrink Tube | 3/8" LED Rope Light

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Clear Shrink Tube for 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 120 Volt 3/8 inch LED Rope Light helps ensure a sealed (water-tght) assembly. Adding silicone glue could certainly help as well.

Shrink tubing adds extra strength to LED rope lighting connections, especially helpful with T-Connectors, 4-way connectors and invisible/easy splice.

Priced per 10-pack.

Additional Information:

  • Description: Clear Shrink Tube for 3/8" Rope Light, 3" pieces
  • Pricing: per pack of 10

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This product ships from the following distributor: Imtra

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