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Isotherm Compact 2013 Air-Cooled Build-In Fridge - X- Large Flat Evaporator
Marine Refrigeration Unit with Flat Evaporator

Isotherm Compact 2013 Air-Cooled Build-In Fridge - X- Large Flat Evaporator

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Isotherm Compact Air Cooled Marine Refrigeration Systems use air which is blown through the condenser by a fan as the traditional way to remove heat from a refrigerator or freezer.  Air cooled systems are the most economical and easiest to install.  All Isotherm Compact Systems come complete and pre-charged.  Each system is rated to refrigerate or freeze a specific volume so there's no guessing for what will work best for your boat!


14.1 cu ft
Flat Evaporator - large 11 13/16 x 53 15/16


12 Volts DC / 24 Volts DC

Additional Details:

Air Cooled Refrigeration Unit

Additional Information:

  • Evaporator: Large-Flat
  • Dimensions Evaporator H x W (inch): 54 x 12
  • Max. Box Volume Fridge (cu.ft.): 14.1
  • Max. Box Volume Freezer (cu.ft.): 4.7
  • Fridge or Freezer use
  • 12/24 V Danfoss/Secop compressor
  • Universal kit AC/DC optional for a complete power supply compatibility (12/24 V, 230/115 V and 50/60 Hz)
  • Easy installation thanks to “click-on” system
If you're having problems getting your refrigerator or freezer hooked up use this  refrigerator and freezer troubleshooting guide!

Formerly IND-42013BB100006 / 42013BB100000

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This product ships from the following distributor: Indel Webasto

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