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JIF Marine 3 or 4 Step Telescoping Stainless Steel Pontoon Ladder
3-Step Telescoping Pontoon Ladder

JIF Marine 3 or 4 Step Telescoping Stainless Steel Pontoon Ladder

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3 or 4 step, telescoping pontoon ladder can be folded up to almost half the size.  Telescoping steps provide superior stowing and storage.  This ladder is completely stainless steel tubing with vinyl covered steps!

Telescoping, stainless steel frame can be removed quickly if the need arises with the included flush mount hardware.  Ladder is almost completely collapsible.

Choose 3 or 4 step pontoon ladder.  Flush mount EHD hardware included.


3-Step: Height Extended: 39 In. Height Collapsed: 21 In.
4-Step: Height Extended: 51 in. Height Collapsed: 32 in.


1 inch diameter electroplated stainless steel tubing
Sturdy molded poly steps

Additional Information:

  • 16" width
  • 400 lb. capacity
  • 10.25 inch deep handle base
  • Thick, vinyl covered folding hooks
  • Sturdy, molded poly steps
  • Telescoping steps collapse straight upwards
  • 1 Inch stainless steel tubing
  • Quick installation with included EHD flush mount hardware

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