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As the largest manufacturer in North America of ceramic glass 2 burner electric cook tops and stainless steel electric grills, Kenyon utilizes the latest in production technology to compete worldwide.

Kenyon engineers premium American-made products that are the secret ingredient behind the best meals in the world. Whether you're barbecuing outdoors at a tailgate, whipping up a delicious recipe in your kitchen indoors, or even making dinner on a boat, we have the perfect electric grills, cooktops and cooking accessories to meet your needs.

With a variety of burners, built-in and portable options, Kenyon's award-winning products are sure to provide a smokeless, flameless, hassle-free cooking experience every time.

Kenyon designs and builds all of their products in Clinton, Connecticut.

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Electric Cooktops

Electric Grills

Manufacturer's Products: (Total Items: 45)
Kenyon - SilKEN Grill Lid
SailorSams Price: $252.00
Kenyon Grill Cart Side Shelf
SailorSams Price: $58.50
Kenyon - Side Burner for Grill Cart
SailorSams Price: $382.50