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Mediterranean Electric Cooktop | Single Burner Cooktop by Kenyon
Kenyon Mediterranean Single Burner Electric Cooktop

Mediterranean Electric Cooktop | Single Burner Cooktop by Kenyon

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The Mediterranean Trimline Single Burner Electric Cooktop by Kenyon provides two burners on a durable cooking surface with attractive flairs that appeal to modest and decadent tastes alike - Safety, beauty and simplicity by Kenyon.

Twin 6.5 in. or Dual 6.5 & 8 in. burner options.  Mediterranean Trimline Cook tops have subtly textured black glass, durable beveled edge design and an easy-clean design - with safety features to boot.

Safety features include heat-limiting cooking surface protectors, "On" indicator lights for burners and  "Hot" burner indicator lights.

For compact kitchens and hospitality suites, Mediterranean Electric Cooktop models have push-to-turn controls, infinite heat control and quick-heat radiant ribbon elements.

Choose from twin 6.5 in. burners or dual 6.5 / 8 in. burner plates.  Cooktop footprint differs for 8 inch backburner.  Available as follows:
  • Twin 6.5 Inch, Burners (21 in. X 3.25 in.):
    • 120 Volts, 20 Amp: 1200 Watts
    • 208 Volts, 12 Amp: 1200 Watts
    • 240 Volts, 10 Amp: 1200 Watts
  • Dual 6.5 Inch & 8 Inch Burners (23.25 in. X 14.25 in.):
    • 120 Volts, 22 Amp: 1200 Watts (6.5 in.), 1400 Watts (8 in.)
    • 208 Volts, 15 Amp: 1200 Watts (6.5 in.), 1800 Watts (8 in.)
    • 240 Volts, 12.5 Amp: 1200 Watts (6.5 in.), 1800 Watts (8 in.)


W: 12 in. x D: 12.5 in. x H: 2.63 in. (add 2 inches clearance below = 4.63 inches deep)
Cut-out: W: 10.75 in. x D: 11.5 in.


Weight: 11.00 Pounds
1 x 6.5 inch 1200 Watt burner element available in 120V, 208V and 240V options



Additional Details:

3 year warranty
UL Listed and C-UL

Additional Information:

  • This Kenyon electric cooktop includes a power cord that is approximately 50 inches long, with approximately 42 inches of conduit. There is no plug on the end, as these are typically hardwired by a licensed electrician. This model includes GFCI power cord.
  • Kenyon recommends 2" of clearance below any cooktop to allow proper ventilation.
  • For best transfer of heat, your pot or pan must be appropriately sized relevant to the diameter of the burner.
  • It is very helpful to plan ahead, and to let us know of your plans. One or two Kenyon cooktops can usually be supplied fairly promptly. Allow approximately 4 weeks or more for production of larger orders. So that your cooktops can be ready when you want them, please let us know of your intentions as early as possible!!!
3 Year Kenyon replacement warranty:

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This product ships from the following distributor: Kenyon Appliances

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