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LEAN | 12 volt LED Dimmable Dome Light
LEAN | 12 volt LED Dimmable Dome Light

LEAN | 12 volt LED Dimmable Dome Light

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Rectangular aluminum light fixture with white lens and on/off  integrated soft-touch dimmer switch with non-volatile memory
Extremely low surface mount profile for RV and boat lighting.

Bright 640 Lumens - compares to a 75 watt incandescent light. 

The new technology soft white lens produces an amazingly even light pattern without glare or shadow. 

The built in dimming function is very smooth and ranges from full all the way down to having a barely discernable light output. 

Hidden mounting hardware (included).  The fixture weighs only 7.1 ounces so it can also be installed with double sided tape (not included).

Instructions: To operate the integrated soft-touch memory sensor switch, touch and release to toggle on or off. When on, touch and hold the switch to ramp the dimmer level up or down. Release, then touch and hold again to reverse ramp direction.

Memory: Fixture returns to last setting when toggled back on.

Lean Light Installation: To remove end cap, simply lift off by applying light pressure with your index finger tips on the very end of the fixture. 

Our LED (light emitting diodes) Light Fixtures have many advantages: 
Low power consumption - LED bulbs use up to 5x less power than their equivalent halogen and Xenon predecessors. 
Minimal Heat Dissipation - keeps cabins / rooms cooler. 
Shock Resistant - no filament or glass to break. 
Environmentally Green - no mercury (as in fluorescent bulbs). 


11.9" length x 2.99" wide ULTRA LOW Profile 0.32" (compare to the slimness of a cell phone)


12-24 volt dc (10v-15v)

Additional Details:

Screw Mount
Dry location only

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