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Lasdrop Gen II Shaft Seal
Lasdrop Gen II Shaft Seal

Lasdrop Gen II Shaft Seal

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Lasdrop Gen 2 shaft seal delivers a seal impenetrable to water that will last.  With sturdy construction, high quality components and unfailing performance this is the most reliable shaft seal on the marine market.

Lasdrop's Gen 2 is a unique, water-lubricated ball-bearing drive seal system that allows the seal-ring to "float" and remain in constant contact with the propeller shaft so there isn't water getting into your bilge room.

This is achieved by using a 316 marine-grade stainless steel spring to apply pressure on seal surfaces.  The spring and seal ring rotate with the shaft.  Dual "u-cup" seals rotate behind this, completely denying the passage of water.

These components remain secure with a clamp/pressure housing that does not utilize screws to clamp onto the prop's drive shaft.  There will be no galling or damage to the propeller shaft with the Gen 2.

Lasdrop Gen II friction ring housing is constructed from durable copolymer with built-in, water-lubricated bearings to protect the carbon graphite friction ring from damage and ensure proper alignment on the shaft.  Seals include dual injection ports & necessary hardware.

AWAB hose clamp ring assembly uses two clamps with rolled band edges to secure unit to the prop shaft.  316 Stainless Steel, non-perforated bands provide twice the tensile strength of a regular stainless clamp which means maximal strength and minimal damage.

Each shaft seal comes with stern tube hose clamps, plugs for water injection ports and 15 total feet (2 x 7 1/2 ft. segments) of water supply hose.

More than 25 years of experience went into the Gen II, and it shows.  The Lasdrop Gen II shaft seal is the highest quality propeller shaft seal available.

Also available in Metric sizes.


Additional Information:

  • The Gen II uses a 316-marine grade stainless steel spring to provide pressure to the seal surfaces. Together, the spring and seal ring rotate along with the shaft, and remain secured in the Clamp/Pressure housing. 
  • The Clamp/Pressure housing is secured to the shaft without the use of set screws preventing galling or damage to the shaft.
  • Dual u-cup seals, which also rotate on the shaft, are seated inside of the seal ring and prevent the passage of water to this point. 
  • The friction ring assembly is constructed of a durable copolymer housing protecting the carbon graphite friction ring and also incorporating a water lubricated bearing maintaining correct alignment to the shaft.
  • Each kit includes AWAB hose clamps that are made of 316 stainless steel with rolled band edges to eliminate risk of damage to the hose. The non-perforated band provides twice the tensile strength of a regular clamp.
  • Available in shaft sizes of 1” – 4” (30mm – 100mm) in diameter.
  • All units have dual water injection ports including necessary hardware.
  • Rated “Best” by Powerboat Reports

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