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Leaning Posts

SailorSams has leaning posts and removable backrests that are made from heavy marine grade vinyl and come in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose from pure white, off white, or light gray. Leaning Posts are available in 20’’, 36’’ or 40’’ sizes. There are leaning posts with single aluminum pedestals and dual pedestals. There is also a leaning post with rod holders! 

Leaning Posts: Products (Products: 8)
Arrigoni 20
SailorSams Price: $440.00
Arrigoni 20
SailorSams Price: $520.00
Arrigoni 36
SailorSams Price: $829.00
Arrigoni 36
Arrigoni Leaning Post Removable Backrests
SailorSams Price: $250.00
Arrigoni Leaning Post Rodholder Add-On Handles
Arrigoni 2 7/8
Arrigoni 4