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Lighthouse Rum Cakes

Lighthouse Rum Cakes are all baked in a certified commercial kitchen with the finest ingredients. The care put into each cake is obvious from the moment you open the signature Lighthouse Rum Cake box. Each cake is individually prepared and vacuum sealed for you with flavor combinations that will make for a delicious experience! Wonderful for parties, gifts, or just having on hand!

Each cake is specially made to order and it may take up to four business days for these delectable cakes to be shipped to you.

Manufacturer's Products: (Total Items: 6)
Lighthouse Rum Cake 9 Ct. 16oz
SailorSams Price: $129.99
Lighthouse Rum Cake 3 Ct. Sampler Pack
SailorSams Price: $17.95
Lighthouse Coconut Flavored Rum Cake
SailorSams Price: $19.99
Lighthouse Rum Brownie Flavored Rum Cake
SailorSams Price: $19.99
Lighthouse Original Flavor Rum Cake
SailorSams Price: $19.99