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Warm White (130) Cool White (143) Red (49) Blue (52) Yellow (4) Green (13) 3-Way Dimmable (11) No Bulb or Non-LED (14) RGBW (19) Bi-Color (White and Red) (36) Bi-Color (White and Blue) (41) Bi-Color (White and Green) (1) Bi-Color (Red and Green) (1) Bi-Color (White and Yellow or Amber) (2) Tri-Color (RWB) (6) Tri-Color (White, Red, and Green) (2) 4-Color (RWB and Purple) (4)

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Bee Green LED (9) FriLight (44) Imtra Marine Products (85) ITC Incorporated (12) Lumitec Lighting (42) Mantus Boat Anchors (2) Signal Mate (31) Perko (28) Lumishore (48) Foresti & Suardi (3) Prebit (4) Frensch (19)


Light up the night with a wide arrangement of boat and marine lighting. Choose from many 12volt lights including Rope lighting, Reading lights, LED Lights, wall lights, spotlights and lights for every need and occasion.

SailorSams provides you with a substantial selection of marine light mounts with a focus on quality boat light fixtures.  Each category caters to a variety of sensibilities - from sheer utility to pure decadence.
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