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Lillipad Marine Filtered Fuel Funnel
Lillipad Marine Filtered Fuel Funnel for Docks

Lillipad Marine Filtered Fuel Funnel

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Lillipad's fuel funnel for docks has a filter and hose to control the flow of fuel entering your boat so you don't have to hold the heavy jerry can or worry about spilling fuel into the water.  Excellent for marinas, harbors and personal marine locations including any location where you will be re-fueling on the water.

Superior quality funnel system designed for transferring fuel in a marine environment.  Safely moving fuel from a can or tank to your vessel is imperative to preserving the sanctity of nature for the posterity of our children, grandchildren, and beyond.

This funnel transcends a literal item and becomes the altruistic representation of a boater's desire to preserve our waterways - private and public.

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