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Lionfish Kill Stickers (100 ct.) | Full color, Waterproof & UV Stable
Lionfish Kill Stickers Style

Lionfish Kill Stickers (100 ct.) | Full color, Waterproof & UV Stable

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Lionfish Kill Stickers 100 count sheet to keep track of your kill count on this invasive creature.  Lionfish threaten the balance of our reefs, and each diver should dispatch as many lionfish as he or she sees.  Are you up to the challenge?

Lion fish are an invasive species and pose a serious threat to the balance of our reefs in the Caribbean, Southeast and Gulf.  A lot of measures have been tried to control these destructive creatures and now it's up to all divers to dispatch as many lionfish as they see.  It's a long shot, but one effort the Dive community needs to embrace if we want to maintain the ecological balance of our favorite dive sites.

These high quality, water proof stickers come in full color and are UV stable.  Each sheet has 100 stickers and Roman Numerals are included with them to quickly identify how many lionfish have been dispatched.

Stickers add an element of gratification and fun for individuals, dive clubs, tournaments and lionfish rodeos / derbies engaged in the important task of removing invasive lionfish from our marine environment.  Add them to tanks, bulwarks, poles, vehicles or any other hard, smooth surface.  Each time you "Check Off" a Lionfish, be sure to add your sticker.

Split a sheet of 100 among your dive buddies and see who the "Ace" is.  Help spread the word to stave off the spread of Lionfish!

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Product Details:
  • Stickers are in full color
  • Waterproof and UV Stable
  • Easily keep track of Lionfish kill count
  • Comes as 1 sheet of 100 lionfish stickers, as well as Roman numeral stickers

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