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Lumishore DMX Cable, 1M with 3-pin connector plug-ends
Lumishore DMX Cable, 5M with 3-pin connector plug-ends
Lumishore DMX Cable, 15M with 3-pin connector plug-ends
Lumishore 5M Video Extension Cable w/BNC Connector
Lumishore DMX Ext Cable for SMX92/152 EOS Surf-Mount Lights
Lumishore TIX202, 43W Thru-Hull Underwater Light
Lumishore-SMX11 15W White Surface-Mount Underwater Light
Lumishore Lumi-Switch: 2 Speed Strobe, Brightness Control, Color Fade
Lumishore THX1602 Supra Dual Color (Master) 156W Thru-Hull
Lumishore TIX802 Supra Dual Color (Secondary) 106W Thru-Hull
Lumishore Supra SMX Lumi-Hub Junction Box
SailorSams Price: $139.00
Lumishore Supra THX/TIX Lumi-Hub Junction Box
Lumishore TIX402 Lumicam HD Underwater Camera
SailorSams Price: $1,349.99
Lumishore TIX402 Lumi-Hub Junction Box Exclusively for TIX402 EOS Color Change Lights
Lumishore M-Series Supra SMX53 Dual Color 48W Surface-Mount IP68 Fixture
Lumishore M-Series SMX93, RGBW (Color Change), 36W