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Marine Stereos and AV

Whether you're looking to replace an existing stereo or add a new one, you've come to the right spot! Aquatic AV and Fusion offer top of the line marine grade stereos, speakers, subwoofers, and accessories.
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FUSION Single DIN Adapter Mounting Plate f/RA200
FUSION HL-02 High to Low Level Converter
SailorSams Price: $16.99
FUSION Adapter Plate f/Clarion CMD to FUSION 600 or 700 Series
FUSION 4" Compact Marine Box Speaker - (Pair) White
FUSION MS-BT100 Bluetooth Dongle
SailorSams Price: $52.99
FUSION NMEA 2000 60' Extension Cable f/700i or MS-RA205 to MS-NRX200i
FUSION USB Connector w/Waterproof Cap
SailorSams Price: $23.49
FUSION MS-CL602 Flush Mount Interior Ceiling Speaker
FUSION MS-AM504 4 Channel Marine Amplifier - 500W
FUSION Marine Stereo Dust Cover f/RA70
SailorSams Price: $17.99
FUSION Dust Cover f/MS-NRX300
SailorSams Price: $18.99
FUSION RV-FS402W Shallow Mount 200W Speaker System - White
FUSION RV-FS402B Shallow Mount 200W Speaker System - Black
FUSION RV-FS41SPW Sound-Panel 41mm Mounting Spacer - White
FUSION RV-FS22SPW Sound-Panel 22mm Mounting Spacer - White
FUSION RV-FS16SPW Sound-Panel 16mm Mounting Spacer - White
FUSION RV-FS41SPB Sound-Panel 41mm Mounting Spacer - Black
FUSION RV-FS22SPB Sound-Panel 22mm Mounting Spacer - Black
FUSION RV-FS16SPB Sound-Panel 16mm Mounting Spacer - Black
FUSION RA70I 2-Zone AM/FM w/Bluetooth - 4x50W
Harley Davidson SiriusXM Waterproof Stereo
Harley Davidson Aquatic AV Bluetooth Waterproof Stereo -AQ-MP-5BT-H
Aquatic AV Wired, Flush Mount Remote Control AQ-WR-5F
Aquatic AV Compact Subwoofer
SailorSams Price: $106.00
Aquatic AV Speaker 3
SailorSams Price: $26.00
Aquatic AV Speaker 2
SailorSams Price: $24.00
Aquatic AV Speaker 1
SailorSams Price: $20.00
Aquatic AV 'Hide-away' Transducer Speaker
Aquatic AV 3 inch Waterproof Spa Speakers AQ-SPK3.0-4C
Aquatic AV USB Input Socket - AQ-USB-1
SailorSams Price: $17.00
Aquatic AV Stereo RCA Cable (3ft) - AQ-RCA-1M
Aquatic AV Stereo RCA Cable (6 1/2ft) - AQ-RCA-2M
Aquatic AV Stereo RCA Cable (19 1/2ft) - AQ-RCA-6M
Aquatic AV Jack-Jack Cable - AQ-EXT-3.5
SailorSams Price: $7.25
Aquatic AV Di-Pole AM/FM Antenna - AQ-ANT-1
Aquatic AV Wired Remote Cable (24ft) - AQ-EXT-24
Aquatic AV Wired Remote Cable (12ft) - AQ-EXT-12
Aquatic AV Wired Remote Cable (3ft) - AQ-EXT-3
Aquatic AV Wired Remote Splitter - AQ-Y-1
Aquatic AV Cable Bracket - AQ-RB-3
SailorSams Price: $2.00
Aquatic AV Wiring Harness - AQ-UNH-2
SailorSams Price: $8.50
Aquatic AV 3