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Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for boat lights. Lamp shades, bezels, trim rings and lenses. Change it up or fix it up with Sailor Sams replacement parts section. Lamp shades for wall lights. Bezels and lenses for surface mounts and recessed mount lights.
Replacement Parts: Products (Products: 49)
Connector Kit for Neon LED Rope Light, 12/24VDC includes connector and 6' cord
Connector Kit for Neon LED Rope Light, 120VAC includes connector, in-line rectifier, and 6' cord
PVC End Cap for Neon LED Rope Light to seal off cut end of rope light
Invisible Splice Connector for Neon LED Rope Light to connect two sections of rope light
Rigid PVC Mounting Clips for Neon LED Rope Light 8mm (1.97
Mechanical Splice Connector for Neon LED Rope Lght to connect two sections of rope light
Clear Shrink Tube for Neon LED Rope Light, 3
Rigid PVC Mounting Track for Neon LED Rope Light 1m (3.28'), Opaque
Rigid Aluminum Mounting Clips for Neon LED Rope Light 8mm (1.97
Bag of 10 End Caps for Imtra Tape Light to seal off cut end of tape light
RGB Controller and 24 Button IR Remote with DC Connector, 12/24V, 2A/Channel for ILLT-RGB-12V
End Cap for RBG Strip Lighting
SailorSams Price: $5.00
RGB 4-Pin Male Connector, 6
RGB 4-Pin Y-Male Connector, 6
RGB 5M Extension Cable with 4-Pin Connectors to lengthen one leg of Y-Connector
Aluminum Channel Clip for F-Series HO LED Strip Tape (bag of 10)
U-Type Mounting Strap for LED Strip Tape and Rope Lighting (10 Pack)
Pinto 8675 Trim Ring Replacement
Nova 8777 and 8778 Trim Ring Replacement | Optional Switch Hole
Glass Replacement Lens | FriLight Nova 8777 and Nova 8778 Glass Lenses
Frilight Sun 8311 Replacement Lens
SailorSams Price: $5.00
Replacement Lens & Bezel for the Frilight Ringo 8308
Frilight Pinto 8675 Glass Replacement Lens
Lumitec Halo, Echo and Orbit Flush Mount Adapter Kit | Oversize Hole Trim Ring
Lumishore DMX Cable, 1M with 3-pin connector plug-ends
Lumishore 5M Video Extension Cable w/BNC Connector
Lumishore Lumi-Switch: 2 Speed Strobe, Brightness Control, Color Fade
7 Inch Rigid Strip Extension/Interconnect Cable | Fits LT8 Frilight Fixtures
360 Degree Navigation Light Bracket
SailorSams Price: $23.00
Pulpit Bow or Stern Rail Mount Bracket For Horizontal Railings
Reversing Toggle Switch for 2-wire TriAnchor Lights
Navigation Light Mounting Bracket
SailorSams Price: $28.00
Mast Mounting Bracket for Signal Mate Steaming Light
Imtra U-Type Mounting Clip | 3/8
Imtra P-Type Conduit Mounting Clip | 3/8
Imtra 120 VAC Power Cord C Connector Kit | 3/8
Imtra 12 Volt AC Power Cord D Connector Kit | 3/8
Imtra 24 Volt AC Power Cord E Connector Kit | 3/8
Imtra 12/24 Volt DC Power Cord B Connector Kit | 3/8
Imtra End Cap | 3/8
SailorSams Price: $0.40
Imtra PVC Splice Connectors | 3/8
Imtra Invisible/Easy Splice Connector | 3/8
Imtra T-Connector | 3/8
SailorSams Price: $5.80
Imtra Clear Shrink Tube | 3/8
Imtra 4-Way Connector | 3/8
Imtra Clear Mounting Track | 3/8