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Boat owners using sophisticated and expensive, most technical equipment, create an increasing demand for security on board. On board safes ensure on board security. The Isotherm safes are available in two sizes and two different materials: stainless steel and galvanized, powder coated steel. The larger model (Safe 30) is big enough to store a laptop computer. The smaller model (Safe 10) is sufficiently large to store smaller size electronics.
The wide product range offered by Indel Webasto Marine consists of fridges, freezers, refrigeration systems, built-in boxes, travel boxes, wine cellars, water heaters, safes, as well as customized solutions for more comfort on board. Indel Webasto Marine refrigeration and freezer solutions are recognized for their user-friendliness, stylish design, dependability, elegance and energy-saving engineering. The brand names Isotherm and Isotemp are internationally known as the best in the marine industry. Specifically designed for marine use, they are individually tailored to suit on-board conditions with elegant design, rugged construction, and a broad range of sizes and styles. Isotherm is used on over 160 major boat brands including center console, pontoon boats, cruisers, sailing, and mega yachts.