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Side-Power Round Boatpanel 12/24V, 5-Wire Thruster Control
SM8965 Round, Chrome Plated Thruster Control Panel

Side-Power Round Boatpanel 12/24V, 5-Wire Thruster Control

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These single control panels are designed to better complement today's helms and utilize an attractive chrome bezel ring that covers the four mounting screws. They are easy to install with a 2" hole saw and seal with a large o-ring.

Controls are available as a touch panel (see SM8955G) or the intuitive "boatpanel" shown here.

Round Boatpanel Thruster Control, Chrome Bezel, 12/24V, 5-wire, 2" cutout

Additional Information:

  • Easy installation:  2" single holesaw and surface mount with hidden screws using chrome bezel ring
  • Intuitive design using boat shape for the control knob
  • Waterproof front (IP65)
  • UV safe
  • CE approved
  • Child-safe on/off system
  • Power On control light
  • Automatic deactivation after approximately 6 minutes of inactivity

Product Specifications:

  • Description: Round Boatpanel Thruster Control
  • Voltage: 12V & 24V
  • Manufacturer: Side-Power
  • Diameter: 3.41 in. (86.5 mm)
  • Cutout: 2 in. (50.8 mm)
  • Approximate Ship Weight (lbs): 1

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